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Code BN-711154 Manufacturer Bunny Nature

Bunny Nature FreshGrass Hay 750 g

Vysoce kvalitní seno pro zakrslé králíky a hlodavce s pestrým složením travin.

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Bunny Nature FreshGrass Hay 750 g

Single food for dwarf rabbits & rodents.

- natural plant diversity
- gentle indoor drying
- rich in fibres, crisp & dust-free
- with natural nutrients and roughage

Hay is a basic food for many animals. The percentage of hay in the menu is high and so its quality is very important. This is a decisive factor for the degree of acceptance but also for a balanced diet and for meeting need requirements holistically. bunny FreshGrass Hay provides the highest quality with maximum plant diversity.

Plant diversity, processing and fibre structure are decisive factors for premium hay. We ensure consistent product quality with our high quality demands. We ensure that the hay provides maximum taste and nutrients to the animals through its diversity of plants.
In order for it not to get lost during processing, only hay that has been gently dried indoors is used. In this way we avoid damaging environmental factors and the hay remains natural, just like directly from the harvest, without any loss of vitamins. And because hay should be rich in fibres, crunchy & dust-free, only this kind of quality haygoes into our bags. That‘s because crunchy stalks and optimum crude fibre content is necessary for optimum teeth wear and a healthy gastro-intestinal tract. Dust simply doesn‘t belong in a hay bag. Quite the opposite, it is rather questionable for the respiratory tract and eye areas of the animals. We ensure particularly good hay quality so that the animals do well.

Natural plant diversity: timothy, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, ryegrass, red fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, cocksfoot, creeping red fescue, german ryegrass, dandelion, silverweed, chickweed, yarrow, ribwort, white clover, red clover,birdsfood trefoil

Analytical constituents: crude protein 12% · crude fibre 23%
Brand Bunny Nature
Kód produktu BN-711154
Pet rabbits and rodents
Product category for rabbits and rodents, hay
Brand Bunny Nature

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