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Code 4C-45-040 Manufacturer 4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH

4Cats Valerian Rustling Cushion XXL

Co to má tak přitažlivou vůni a pěkně šustí? Až Váš ,,domácí tygr“ uslyší tento velký šustivý polštářek a ucítí neodolatelnou vůni kozlíku lékařského, bude si s ním chtít ihned hrát.

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4Cats Valerian Rustling Cushion XXL

4Cats XXL rustling cushion with irresistible valerian fragrance for your ,,front room tiger“.

What has a nice smell and rustles? If your 'front room tiger' hears this big rustling cushion and the irresistible valerian fragrance gets up his nose, he'll definitely soon insist on this 4cats XXL cushion.

Measuring 15 x 20 centimetres the cushion is big enough for him to rub his head and body against it with pleasure and take in as much of the irresistible aroma of valerian as possible. The loose, light filling of pure, natural valerian root and EPS (polystyrene) pellets ensures that the cushion can be dragged about and played with everywhere, and carried in the mouth. The rustling pellets inside also liven up and make the 4cats XXL rustling cushion a pleasure for all the senses.

The cotton rustling cushion is available in a wide range of colours and is made to Oeko-Tex® 100 standards and also packed in Germany. Give your cat a 4cats rustling cushion, it'll certainly be thrilled.

The production relies on carefully-selected non-hazardous raw materials and robust, long-lasting and secure processes involving no glues, plastics, metal parts or components that could fall off or be swallowed.

Size: 15 x 20 cm

Colour: by current offer

4Cats Toys

Valerian toys are very popular with cats and their surprising reaction to it often poses questions for cat owners. A lot of cat owners ask themselves how such enthusiasm for valerian can be explained and whether their cats can be harmed by playing with the fragrant toys. There are a lot of articles on the net which unfortunately are of little value.

4cats valerian products are filled with the pure, natural root of real valerian (valeriana officinalis) which man has used with great success against insomnia, anxiety and all forms of complaints since antiquity. The consumption of valerian has a tranquilising effect both on man and animals. Your furry friend does not, however, take in the valerian root (valerianae radix) through our toys but just the intense smell.

Cats cuddle up to the filled toys, lick them, play passionately with them or rub their bodies against them. Many cats roll about on the floor out of sheer ecstasy, others enjoy it in peace and bury their heads enthusiastically deep into the cushion or another valerian toy.The reason for this power of attraction is the actinidin contained in the valerian root, which can also be found in catnip. The fragrance of the valerian root only works on cats for a few minutes (approx. 5-20 min.). This is followed by the so-called refractory phase, a period of at least 30 to 120 minutes during which a cat no longer reacts to the fragrant material contained in the valerian.The cat returns to its normal daily routine and the toy becomes uninteresting. There is no lasting exhilaration or even addiction from repeated enjoyment of the smell of valerian. Neither are there any withdrawal symptoms.

The use of valerian as a stimulant for cats was not discovered by man. In the wild cats have been captivated by "cat herb" for centuries.
Brand 4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH
Kód produktu 4C-45-040
Pet cats
Type of toy cushion
Material of toy plush / cloth
Product category toys
Herbs valerian
Brand 4cats
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