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PACK 4 pcs - Chewies olive wood for dogs – size L

100% natural olive chewing wood for dogs. Size L. Business packaging, contains 4 pcs.

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PACK 4 pcs - Chewies olive wood for dogs – size L

Olive Wood Chewies is a unique natural toy for dogs. Thanks to its high hardness, it lasts for a very long time and gradually gets smaller depending on the intensity of chewing. Olive wood for chewing is an excellent alternative to chewing wood for dogs from the coffee tree. It differs from it in taste and also has a natural bark on the surface, so it is even more attractive for dogs.

  • 100% Natural
  • allows long chewing
  • without calories and fats
  • without artificial components
  • helps with dental hygiene
  • ecological and natural toy
  • Available in five sizes

Chewing wood from an olive tree is safe for the dog and cleans the teeth

Biting wood is a natural pastime for dogs, it satisfies their need to chew and supports the cleaning of teeth. Olive wood does not form chips, when biting, fine fibers are released, which are harmless and digestible for the dog.

How do you stop a dog from chewing on wood furniture? Try  Chewies Olive Wood!

Most dogs like to chew something and the olive wood will satisfy their needs well. You often meet with puppies that they chew the legs of the table, for example, it also happens that the dog destroys things in the apartment. Olive wood is a great way to unteach a dog to nibble on furniture or destroy things in the garden, in the house or in the apartment. In addition, the dog will have fun with it for a long time.

The best toy for dogs in the apartment and outside

Olive trees grow very slowly, so their wood is very hard. It is one of the hardest woods in the world and does not absorb odors or fats (so it is often used to make kitchen boards). In addition, it does not absorb water; therefore, chewing olive wood for dogs is an excellent natural toy for outdoor use, you can use it as a natural toy for fetching. Chewies dog chews come from pruning olive groves.

Size XS - approximate weight up to 60 g, for dogs up to 5 kg
Size S - approximate weight up to 195 g, for dogs up to 10 kg
Size M - approximate weight up to 385 g, for dogs up to 20 kg
Size L - approximate weight up to 650 g , for dogs up to 30 kg Size XL - approximate weight over 950 g, for dogs over 30 kg

From a safety point of view, we recommend: choose the size of the wood according to the weight and strength of your dog. Ideally, the wood should not get between the back teeth. For dogs with a strong grip, choose a one size larger product. It is possible that dogs with a very strong grip break the olive wood . Use only under supervision!

Composition: 100% olive wood. Also suitable for allergic dogs. As this is a natural product, shape, size, color and weight vary. Use only under supervision! If the wood is already so small that your dog could swallow it, replace it with a new one.

Brand Chewies
Kód produktu BAL-PCH-OLI-L
Pet dogs
Product type toy
Type of toy dumbbells / bowling pins
Toy usage dental / chewing
Sound no sound
Material of toy wood, natural / ecological
Size of the dog medium, big
Product category toys
Brand Chewies
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