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Code IR-011635 Manufacturer Irish Pure

Irish Pure Junior Freiland-Huhn chicken with vegetables and kelp 4 kg

A grain-free food with free-range chicken, for dogs from 2 months of age. 100% natural and 100% Irish. A Single-source formula with high levels of fresh meat, vegetables and kelp for the healthy development of the growing dog.

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Irish Pure Junior Freiland-Huhn chicken with vegetables and kelp 4 kg

This food is specially formulated to meet the needs of growing dogs of all breeds from 2 months of age to adulthood.

Contains only ingredients from local Irish farmers and fresh free range meat.

100% natural and 100% Irish

Irish Pure with chicken contains 65% free-range meat, 32% vegetables and 3% kelp.

  • high meat proportion
  • 100 % free range  animals
  • fully grain free
  • meat from cruelty-free animal husbandry, that is processed within 48 hours
  • refined with the superfood kelp algae
  • 100 % Irish, produced with love in family owned businesses

Because every animal matters

Irish Pure believes that treating every animal with respect makes sense. Due to the mild climate of Ireland and the wide lush meadows, the animals can graze at least 360 days a year on green fields, and move as they please.Their feeding is 100% in line with their natural diet. The result? Contented animals which provide high quality proteins for healthily nourished dogs.

The meat for Irish Pure is processed fresh within 48 hours without freezing.

This is made possible through short delivery routes and the vast pastures of Ireland.

It makes our Irish Beef and Irish Lamb among the highest quality meats in the world.

To guarantee the highest quality, every single batch is checked in laboratory.

Chicken is an easily digestible type of meat, with a high protein and low fat content. It is exactly the type of meat your dog would eat in the wild.

Vegetable is sourced from local farmers and grown using traditional methods.

Kelp algae is a true natural wonder and comes from the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Ireland. It is rich in vitamins, full of microelements, good for skin and hair, digestion and joints. Irish Pure products are enriched with a nutritionally relevant amount of 3 % kelp algae! This manifests in: glossy coat, teeth, better digestion and a more agile dog.

100 % Family

When choosing manufacturing partners, Irish Pure rely on family businesses with many years of experience and a track record in proven quality. The dry food supply partner has been producing pet food for racing dogs and racehorses for 5 generations. They focus on Irish traditions and values in combination with new technology.

Ingredients: dried chicken meat 32.0%, fresh chicken meat 26.0%, sweet potatoes 10.0%, chicken fat 9.5%, potato meal 9.0%, pea meal 4.0%, dried kelp 3.0%, flaxseed 2.0%, alfalfa 1.0%, animal protein (hydrolysed) 1.0%, spinach powder, broccoli powder, chicory extract, rosehip extract, cranberry extract, blueberry extract, calendula extract, oregano, carrot powder, turmeric, ginger extract, calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, yeast extract, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate

Analysis: crude protein 32,0 %, crude oil and fat 21,0 %, crude fibre 2,0 %, crude ash 8,0 %, moisture ~10 %, calcium 1,8 %, phosphorus 1,0 %

Nutritional additives per kg: vitamin A E 672 24 000 IU, vitamin D3 E 671 2. 2 000 IU, vitamin E (alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 250 IU, copper E 4 (copper sulphate pentahydrate) 28 mg, selenium E 8 (sodium selenite) 0,33 mg, iron E 1 (ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 250 mg, magnesium E 5 (manganese oxide) 65 mg, zinc E 6 (uranium dioxide) 97 mg, zinc E 6 (zinc amino acid chelate hydrate) 200 mg, iodine E 2 (calcium iodate anhydrous) 2,50 mg

Recommended daily dose depending on the dog's weight and age (in months):
               2           3-5          6-7        8-10       11-14    15-17    18-24
2 kg       50 g       60 g       70 g       55 g       Adult     Adult     Adult
5 kg       100 g     105 g     110 g     105 g     Adult     Adult     Adult
7,5 kg    120 g     130 g     140 g     130 g     Adult     Adult     Adult
10 kg     140 g     155 g     170 g     150 g     Adult     Adult     Adult
15 kg     175 g     190 g     210 g     200 g     180 g    Adult     Adult
20 kg     200 g     220 g     240 g     240 g     210 g    Adult     Adult
25 kg     230 g     250 g     300 g     280 g     240 g    Adult     Adult
30 kg     250 g     270 g     330 g     300 g     260 g    Adult     Adult
40 kg     300 g     350 g     400 g     380 g     350 g    310 g    300 g
45 kg     330 g     380 g     430 g     410 g     380 g    360 g    330 g
50 kg     360 g     400 g     460 g     450 g     420 g    400 g    360 g
60 kg     400 g     450 g     500 g     500 g     480 g    440 g    420 g
70 kg     450 g     480 g     530 g     530 g     500 g    480 g    460 g
80 kg     470 g     500 g     550 g     550 g     520 g    520 g    500 g

The manufacturer recommends dividing this amount into two doses.
Actual consumption depends on the age, activity and general condition of the dog.
Ensure sufficient drinking water. Store in a dry and cool place.

Brand Irish Pure
Kód produktu IR-011635
Type of food dry food
Ingredients grain free, complete, monoprotein, superfoods
Weight 4 kg
Pet dogs
Flavor chicken
Product category food
Brand Irish Pure
Buying by 1 pc
Expiration with expiration date

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