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Code BAL-BR-22055 Manufacturer Bravo

PACK 30 pcs - Flavoured Twisted Sticks Cheese 10 pcs - 14 cm

Twisted Sticks made from 100% beef hide in Argentina. Cheese flavor. Business package, contains 30 pcs.

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PACK 30 pcs - Flavoured Twisted Sticks Cheese 10 pcs - 14 cm

Twisted Sticks made from 100% beef hide in Argentina. Cheese flavor.

The Bravo products come from the world's best free range animal's hide. All Bravo rawhide lines are made from prime hides, carefully handcrafted and oven dried to perfection.

The Bravo products are 100% natural and are manufactured without any harmful or toxic chemicals.

The stain-free process uses the best human grade ingredients to give each line and appealing, unique aroma. All flavors are made in Bravos USA facility.

Chewing of rawhide products prevents plaque from depositing on his teeth and helps him maintain strong and healthier gums.

All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Size: 14 cm

Ingredients: 100% beef rawhide

Analytical constituents: crude protein 80%, crude fat 0.2%, crude ash 1.3%, crude fiber 0,5%, moisture 18%

Additives: flavor – human grade



Our rawhide chews are produced from the tough, inner layer hide of bovine cattle. The first step is a complete removal of any hair, excess salts or oils. They are rinsed in large vats, with plenty of water, and without any use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Hides are then cut and forwarded to the assembly lines where they are skillfully handcrafted into many different shapes and sizes.
The factory is equipped with industrial ovens that run on clean, natural gas to guarantee a complete and thorough drying process. We do not dry our hides under the sun or use diesel fuel, wood or other methods that would leave the product jelly-like, moldy or releasing a strong odor signaling that the product is rotten inside.
Finally, all products are assorted and packaged according to size, prior to shipping.
We maintain strict quality control measures to insure that only the finest quality chews are shipped to our customers.
The large assortment of products come from free range animals in South American farms. All raw materials are closely monitored with verifiable sourcing.


The Bravo is the qualified leader in the flavoring process which is Made in USA. We currently offer the traditional Natural line and many different flavor options in The Bravo line. Your dog will love and enjoy the fresh flavor aroma of each one of them.
Our flavors stand out because our flavoring process is completely unique and different from any of our competitors. To prevent easy staining, we do not coat or baste the chew. Our proprietary process allows the flavor to penetrate the hide permanently. Flavor and aroma are perfectly combined making the most enjoyable long-lasting treat for the dog.

Business package, contains 30 pcs.

Brand Bravo
Kód produktu BAL-BR-22055
Pet dogs
Flavor beef and veal, cheese
Kind of treat dental, chewing
Type of treat sticks and rolls, cowhide
Product category treats
Brand Bravo
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