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Dokas Chew bones with lamb 120 g

Cowhide bones wrapped in duck meat. A popular traditional delicacy that will entertain your dog and help maintain healthy teeth and gums. One pack contains 12 bones.

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Dokas Chew bones with lamb 120 g

Ingredients: beef skin 70%, duck breast 24%, vegetable by-products, minerals

Analysis: crude protein 88%, crude oils and fats 2.6%, crude ash 3.3%, crude fibre 0.5%, moisture 14.1%

12 bones in the package.

Dog snacks and cat snacks made by Dokas are subject to regular quality inspections by SGS Institut Fresenius. This independent testing institute enjoys an excellent reputation for its food quality in-spections, particularly in Germany, and offers many years of experience.

Composition & Ingredients

Snacks play an important role in feeding your pet these days. However, a healthy diet is becoming increasingly important. For this very reason, snacks don't just have to be tasty so that your pet will love them, but also have to be easily digestible and easy to handle. Therefore, we pay close attention to the quality and production of our snacks. The raw materials and the end product are inspected regularly throughout the entire manufacturing process. Every company that produces for us is sub-ject to strict inspection criteria in order to comply with the necessary quality standards.

Meat is one of the main constituents of a dog or cat’s diet, and is therefore the basis for most of our snacks. By carefully selecting raw materials and carefully processing them, high-quality nutrients such as protein and fats in our snacks can contribute to maintaining a natural diet for your pet.


Fish is a healthy and nutritious alternative to our meat products. It boasts a high percentage of unsa-turated fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help your pet to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Fruit & vegetables
The vitamins and trace elements found in fruit & vegetables are not only good for humans, but are also essential for our four-legged friends’ well-being. Specially-selected types in the appropriate amounts which are also easy for your pet to digest are therefore part of a varied and balanced diet. For this reason, we like to mix meat and fish with apple, banana, mango, carrot and sweet potato.

Bones are like toothbrushes for dogs. As well as this, they’re a great way to keep your pooch busy. Our bones are made from rawhide and pigskin. We highly value traditional processing methods and a manufacturing process which preserves the bones’ nutritional content. We usually combine them with other ingredients such as fish skin or meat, and therefore give them that little extra something that makes them just so popular among dogs.
Tip: Dogs who regularly get bones to chew on will leave other household objects like shoes, carpets and furniture well alone.

Dogs need salt, particularly for the production of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs and to mainta-in their nervous system. Acid needs to be produced in their stomachs to digest meat. Salt also conta-ins important minerals. We only add small amounts of less than 0.3%.

Yeast is high-protein and has a high biological value. Your pet’s body can put the protein in yeast to good use. A further advantage of yeast is that it contains valuable vitamins and minerals which are needed to maintain skin cells and fur.

Herbal products
Herbal products are materials which have been extracted after the processing of plant products such as vegetables or legumes. We only use high-quality raw materials for production reasons. We at Do-kas do not use any substandard waste products or bulking agents.

These are essential inorganic nutrients that the organism cannot produce itself. Your pet has to obta-in them through their food. We only use low amounts of salt (less that 0.3%). This contains impor-tant minerals and fulfils several important functions (also see the section on salt).

Brand Dokas
Kód produktu DK-200908
Ingredients grain free
Pet dogs
Flavor beef and veal, duck
Kind of treat dental, chewing
Type of treat cowhide
Product category treats
Brand Dokas
Buying by 1 pc
Expiration with expiration date

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