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Code PCF-PU35-N103 Manufacturer Catz finefood

Catz finefood Purrrrly N ° 103 - dried poultry hearts, 100% meat

Delight your cat with a purely natural treat made of 100% dried meat! Also suitable for allergic cats or cats on special diets. You can order 1 pack. Business package 6 packs.

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Catz finefood Purrrrly N ° 103 - dried poultry hearts, 100% meat

Catz Finefood Purrrrly are purely natural treats for cats made of dried meat. They contain 100% poultry hearts, without any other ingredients. That's why Catz Finefood Purrrrly is especially suitable for cats with food allergies and special nutritional needs. Even picky cats will fall in love with these purely natural treats, because thanks to a special production process, they are distinctive in taste and retain their irresistible aroma!

Finally, a purely natural treat for allergic cats or cats with special nutritional needs

  • 100% meat content dried by a special proces
  • Made in Bavaria
  • Intense taste and aroma of chicken hearts
  • Also suitable for cats with allergies and special diets

These perfect pieces of dried meat can be served just like that, but they are also great for flavoring juicy foods, such as Catz Finefood PurrrrOf course, Catz Finefood Purrrrly can also be added to Catz finefood Classic, Catz Finefood Bio and Catz finefood Fillets.

The special procedure of drying meat creates a cat delicacy

The moisture contained in the raw state evaporates directly in the gaseous state during freeze-drying. The result is a completely dried product in which the natural structures are almost perfectly preserved. You can even recognize individual muscle fibers! The taste of a freeze-dried product is unsurpassedly intense, comparable to the intense aroma of dried fruit for human consumption.

Proven origin, no substitutes

Thanks to freeze-drying, the product loses most of its weight when raw. Fresh meat contains 80% moisture before drying, so about 5 times the amount of fresh meat is needed to produce one dried delicacy. Catz Finefood Purrrrly is therefore a highly concentrated appetizer!

Unlike freeze-dried products from many other brands made in Asia, Catz Finefood Purrrrly is made in Bavaria from proven ingredients.

Ingredients: Chicken hearts (100%)

Analysis: crude protein 57%, fat content 35,8%, crude fiber 0.1%, ash 6%

Energy value: 539.98 kcal / 100 g

Serve as needed. Ensure sufficient amount of drinking water. Designed for cats.

You can order 1 pack. Business package 6 packs.

Brand Catz finefood
Kód produktu PCF-PU35-N103
Ingredients grain free, monoprotein
Pet cats
Flavor chicken
Type of treat freeze-dried
Product category treats
Brand Catz finefood
Buying by 1 pc
Expiration with expiration date

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